Lisa Vetrone (EP)

by Lisa Vetrone

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(c) All words and music by Lisa Vetrone


released March 1, 2016

Recorded at Sabella Studios, Roslyn, NY

With the help of James Sabella (guitar, producer), Matt Murphy (engineer), Cosmo Miliardi (bass, keys), Glen Goldman (guitar), Matt Rullo (drums) and Michael Gerver (acoustic guitar) and the entire team at Sabella Studios.



all rights reserved


Lisa Vetrone New York, New York

Lisa Vetrone is a twenty two year-old '60s and '70s inspired blues/rock singer-songwriter based in New York.

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Track Name: Heavy Love
My heart is aching
Please set me free
I’m chained to you, honey
And I’m falling to my knees

It’s a heavy kind of love,
And boy, it’s weighing me down
Yeah, it’s a cold and lonely world
When I can’t have you around

I catered to you
Came when you called
And now you’re acting
Like you don’t know me at all


And now I’m begging
Oh darling, please,
Either love me or leave me alone
Cause if I can’t have you,
I’m gonna scream
And spend the rest of my days alone

I felt your burden,
Threw it around,
And now it’s feeling
Like a hundred thousand pounds


And if I lose you,
Well, what I found,
Is I’d still love you
If you dragged me to the ground

Track Name: 1969
Let’s pretend the world is ours
Let’s escape from who we are
We’ll fly
Imagine flowers in our hair
Dreams on our lips
Imagine freedom in the air
And at our fingertips

Let’s become the song of another summer
Sing to this heart of mine
I promise I’ll be forever yours
If you love me like it’s 1969

Cares and changes pass us by
Ooh, ooh
Spinning love into the sky
With you
Swaying to them ol’ Kozmic Blues
On Love Street
Take another piece of my heart
and touch me


Lay with me in fields of grass
Be my peace as war destroys
Take me to another past
I'll be your music in the noise

Let’s become the song of another summer
Dance with me under the midnight sun
Love me like you’ll never love another
And I’ll be your only one
Let’s play along to our own soft parade
Sing to this heart of mine
I promise I’ll be forever yours
If you love me like it’s 1969
Track Name: Wanderlust
The music plays and we dance to its madness
A silent song sings of freedom and its sadness
We’re running from ourselves and all that binds us
And yet we know that we long for one to find us in the end

But the world spins forward on,
And we’re gone

And so we run, weaving dreams into moonless nights
Til the stars disappear in the morning light
And we’re desperate to live, and to love, and to be saved
From the rush of wanderlust

A fleeting glance in the darkness meets a heartbeat
A whispered word speaks a promise but it’s empty
And so it goes, the lightness of the lonely
The endless search for the ones who are the only touch we need

And we know that we’re alone,
On our own


And so we run, for the numb, for the hopeless thrill
Cause it’s all that we know, that we are, that we feel
And we’re desperate to live, and to love, and to be still
From the rush of wanderlust
Track Name: Ain't No Fool (Acoustic)
I got a man
He treats me wrong
Don't know what he wants
So he strings me along
But I ain't no fool,
And I won't be waitin' around
Then he'll learn his lesson 'bout losin' the good thing he found

He thinks I'm weak
He thinks I'm blind
I think that he must be losin' his mind
'Cause I ain't no fool
I see what he's doin' to me
Needs a little more magic to hide all the tricks up his sleeve

His girl's got him cryin'
She can't satisfy him
It's me that he's after again
But I learned the last time
That I ain't no past time
No, I'm not the means, but the end

Now he wants me bad
Has for a while
So I give an inch and he's takin' a mile
But I ain't no fool,
I'll lead him on down to his grave
Turn out the lights, he can sleep in the bed that he's made

He thinks he can please me
It's just too damn easy
To stroke a man's ego for fun
I'll have him believin'
Then love him and leave him
And make him regret what he's done

Once, shame on you
Twice, shame on me
Three times and I'll have you down on your knees
'Cause I ain't no fool,
That's a lesson you'll learn when we're through
No, I ain't no fool but I'll sure make a fool out of you


No, I ain't no fool but I'll sure make a fool out of you (x3)
Track Name: Johnnie Walker (Acoustic)
He drinks Johnnie Walker
He likes his Johnnie Walker black
He drinks Johnnie Walker
And I keep comin' back
I'm sellin' my soul for his hell of a hold on me, oh
He drinks Johnnie Walker

He's got a taste for the needle
Says it keeps him feelin' good
He's got a taste for the needle
I love him more than a good girl should
He says he likes his tar black and his brown sugar packed, honey, oh
He's got a taste for the needle

And he may be cruel, he may be mean to me
But I'm his fool, and oh, he's sweet on me
He's rough and tough, but I can't get enough

I'm shakin' all over
He keeps the blood running through my veins
I'm shakin' all over
Yeah, my darlin' he lights the flame
Inside my pearl of a heart, you can't tear us apart, baby, no
He's got me shakin' all over

He's home by midnight
Not like my daddy or my men before
Yeah he comes home by midnight
Then he's sneakin' out the door
He's a sin of a man, but he does what he can, honey, oh
He's home by midnight

But he's a skirt chasin' devil
Got a dirty, roamin eye
He's a skirt chasin' devil
And oh, he's mine all mine
My baby lies and he cheats, then he's back on his knees, but I know
He's a skirt chasin' devil

So when he drinks Johnnie Walker
He picks his poison, and I know
That he drinks Johnnie Walker
And the black label ain't gonna show
That I slipped him a secret, cause I'm gettin' even, now, oh,
In his Johnnie Walker